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Trump lifted coronavirus travel restrictions from Europe and Brazil; Biden team says it won’t last.

President Trump on Monday ordered an end to the ban on travelers from Europe and Brazil that had been aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus to the United States, a move that was quickly reje...

Blue-Collar Boom: How China Bounced Back From the Virus

Officials pushed factories to reopen the same way they forced the country to shut down. In one small town, it led to a chili-sauce-fueled revival.

Italy’s Government Enters a Crisis in Middle of Pandemic

The wobbly coalition between unpopular populists and the center-left establishment risked implosion amid power struggles and ideological disputes over E.U. funds.

Pompeo Returns Cuba to Terrorism Sponsor List, Constraining Biden’s Plans

The State Department designated Cuba a state sponsor of terrorism on Monday in a last-minute foreign policy stroke that will complicate the incoming Biden administration’s plans to restore friendlier ...

Trump Allies Eye Long-Shot Election Overturn in Congress, Testing Pence

Some House Republicans plan to try to use Congress’s tallying of electoral results on Jan. 6 to tip the election to President Trump. The attempt will put Republicans in a pinch.

Indian Farmers’ Protests Spread, in Challenge to Modi

Many have burned their fields in defiance of antipollution laws. Some say that has worsened New Delhi’s air as the capital deals with a third coronavirus wave.

Trump, in Video From White House, Delivers a 46-Minute Diatribe on the ‘Rigged’ Election

President Donald Trump on Wednesday released a 46-minute videotaped speech that denounced a “rigged” election and was filled with lies the day after his own attorney general joined election officials ...

Who Will Get the Coronavirus Vaccine First?

After months of deliberation and debate, a panel of independent experts advising the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention voted Tuesday to recommend that health care workers who are most at risk...

Biden’s Economic Picks Suggest Focus on Workers and Income Equality

WASHINGTON — President-elect Joe Biden formally announced his top economic advisers Monday, choosing a team that is stocked with champions of organized labor and marginalized workers, signaling an ear...

Trump Brought Back Michael Flynn for the Finale, Fallon Says

“Seriously, there’s a name from the past,” Jimmy Fallon said of Flynn on Wednesday. “Even Michael Flynn was like, ‘Damn, I totally forgot about Michael Flynn.’”

Congress Pays $850,000 to Muslim Aides Targeted in Inquiry Stoked by Trump

The House of Representatives quietly paid $850,000 this year to settle wrongful termination claims by five Pakistani American technology specialists, after a set of routine workplace allegations again...

The culling of minks in Denmark prompts a political crisis.

The slaughter of minks in Denmark to prevent the spread of a potentially dangerous new strain of the coronavirus has prompted a political crisis in the country, with the minister of agriculture forced...

When Schools Closed, Americans Turned to Their Usual Backup Plan: Mothers

The pandemic is a larger example of a pattern: When unexpected family needs arise, mothers step in.

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