Melania Trump asks Americans to ‘choose love’ in farewell message

First lady Melania Trump released a farewell message Monday, reflecting on her four "unforgettable" years in the White House.

Nancy Pelosi offers Republicans an impeachment gift, again: Will they take it this time?

As the horrors of last Wednesday and the GOP’s complicity in them have become more evident, an unlikely savior has emerged to save the Republican Party from years of electoral exile.

Jared Kushner heads to Middle East amid tensions over Iranian nuclear scientist’s killing

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump's senior adviser Jared Kushner will travel to the Middle East this week amid heightened tensions over the assassination of a top Iranian scientist who had been cred...

Surprise! Amazon’s Black Friday 2020 sale is here with tons of amazing deals

It’s been just over a month since Amazon hosted its epic Prime Day 2020 savings event, but already, the retailer is back with another of the most exciting sales of the year. As of today, November 20, ...

Rudy Giuliani shouts out ‘My Cousin Vinny’ at press conference, film’s director reacts

"My Cousin Vinny" director Jonathan Lynn is reacting after Rudy Giuliani gave a shout-out to the film during a heated press conference on Thursday.

Sen. Lindsey Graham faces ethics complaint over call to top election official in Georgia about ballots

WASHINGTON – Sen. Lindsey Graham, a staunch ally of the president, is the target of an ethics complaint after his controversial phone call with a key election official in Georgia over how the state co...

President Trump stays mostly out of view after election but is working, taking steps to, in part, poke Biden

President Donald Trump has stayed mostly out of public view in the two weeks since his election loss to Democrat Joe Biden. On nine of the 14 days since the Nov. 3 election, his daily schedule has bee...

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